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The Essential Life Book - 3rd Edition

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This beautiful full colour 448 page essential oil living guide is jam packed with valuable information on how to apply essential oils in every aspect of your life.  It includes a comprehensive index of conditions with a quick reference and in depth explanation with suggested protocols.

This outstanding resource is further separated into body systems and structures with an overview and in-depth look at how essential oils can be used to support the body for each system including remedies and recipes.

At the back you will find supplemental sections dedicated to natural living with essential oils featuring blending & layering, Massage with oils, reflexology, cooking with essential oils and so many more.

This is a must have resource for anyone wishing to live “The Essential Life” & create a healthier home and body with essential oils.

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Introduction


Section 2: Quick Reference

Ailments Index A-Z

Section 3: Natural Solutions

Single Oils

Oil Blends

Supplementary Products

Section 4: Body Systems & Focus Areas


Section 5: Natural Living Recipes

Section 6: Supplemental