About us

All about Sublime Homestead Co.

Hello, my name is Jen, owner of Sublime Homestead Co.

I grew up in the city and moved out to rural Alberta after meeting my husband. We moved onto a piece of land that had been farmed by his family for over 100 years. I have to admit, moving into this old homestead was a big change for me. Suddenly the convenience of the grocery store being down the road and having everything readily available around me vanished. Instead I had wide open spaces and no idea what to do with it.

I can’t say that homesteading as a way of life was on my mind back then, but as the years went by I began gardening and then raising chickens for meat and eggs. We have a few cattle and I have many projects and further learning experiences on my to-do list. I’ve been learning to identify wild plants that grow around me and was so surprised to learn how many of them are medicinal and even edible! Growing my own food has become such a joy in my life. To see the fruits of your labour and know that the food in your hand is way more tasty and nutritious than the same thing bought at the grocery store has been so satisfying. I feel like I’m realizing how disconnected I was before life on the homestead. I’ve learned to truly appreciate my food and the whole process of growing it from start to finish. I have a relationship with my food.

I have this belief that we were meant to be fruitful human beings. We were meant to use the gifts God has given us on this earth. We are meant to connect with our food sources and understand where it all comes from. I also believe that a lot of our common diseases and illnesses may have to do with both contaminants in our food through mass production and lack of high quality nutritious foods. Our current medical system seems to focus more on fixing symptoms than fixing the root lifestyle issues that may be causing symptoms or weakening our bodies so that we are more vulnerable to disease and illness. It’s been said that “food is medicine”. I agree and wanted to know how I could take what I grow and harness it’s goodness, concentrate it and preserve it. That’s when I discovered the benefits of fermenting, dehydrating and freeze drying.

And so I'm on a mission. I want to revive traditions that are being lost through the generations. While the world is living in fast-forward I want to see people rewind and reconnect. Learn the basics, be fruitful and learn to be more self-sufficient. To disconnect from the crazy, fast paced convenience driven lifestyle we know and re-connect with the simple life - the life we were actually designed for. Grow your food, harness it’s goodness and give your body the things it needs. Let’s learn to survive & thrive together. Let’s be old fashioned on-purpose. Will you join me?